Forever Dare

Blessed with a desire to keep fit and healthy from a young age, I have spent the last twenty years helping others do the same. I offer a wide range of services and specialise in triathlons, marathons, running training and am based in Tamworth, Australia.

My promise is it will be fun! My warning is be careful what you say out loud, as I’m always listening when people whisper “I would like to do a marathon one day” because trust me, one day is now!

All my clients are a part of a team hell bent on living a longer, healthier and more productive life. Daily, monthly and yearly. A kilo here, a competition there. Recovering from injury, preparing for a wedding. Prevention of disease and new friendships. We’re in it together.

Join us.


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Training completely focussed and tailored to you, aiming to achieve results for your specific fitness goals and needs.



Functional training with high reps, using a mix of weights, bodyweight, ropes, kettle bells and more.

Small Groups

You and a couple of your friends or work colleagues, or complete strangers that I pair you up with.


running group

We run Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and always have coffee together afterwards on Saturday.

Large Groups

Groups of eight or more people e.g. school groups, social groups, clubs, friends and families.



We travel all over the country as a team to compete, support and challenge each other in marathons, triathlons and more.


I am a Registered Cert IV Master trainer, remaining current and well informed with all research and developments in the health and fitness industry. Since becoming a trainer I have grown as a person and as an athlete, watching my clients succeed and achieve all their goals, to reaching some of my own.

I have completed over 40 half marathons, 7 marathons, 5 half Ironman and the Port Macquarie full Ironman triathlon. I also ran the Gold Coast Super Marathon—100km without stopping—where many toenails were sacrificed to earn a lifetime of bragging rights. In 2012, myself and 13 clients competed in the very first Tough Mudder event in Australia. Lots of mud, lots of fun!

The support of my family has given me the strength to complete these events. My husband (or ‘Poor Lordy’ among clients) and my children Gabby, Maddy and Harry. They have been gently bullied into doing the odd triathlon, fun run and often sit on the side line to cheer me on.



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