Brissie2bay 2017

This is a charity ride to raise funds for MS. You can ride 160km, 100km, 50km or 10km. A very well organised event that had around 5000 entrants and they raised $1000,000. One participant raised $37,000.


 For team MLPT this was our inaugural event and it went off without a hitch. OK we had a few dramas but we managed them. Firstly we were heading to the start line on our bikes at around 6.10am but only 100m in I realised I had not put my battery back on my bike, this means I had no gears!!! Lucky I realised and we had to wake poor Maddy to let us back into the apartment to retrieve it. Crisis averted! Next, on route to the start we were given the wrong directions and got a little off track but thankfully with the add of Google maps it was only a short period of time before we sorted it and made it, with time to spare to meet up with Tony, Julie and Mary our friends from the Gold Coast. The conditions were perfect for the 100km ride. At the 21km mark Tony commented on how many flats he had seen people fixing and within another 20m Lordy got a flat. Then he rushed to get back on the bike and didn't see the chain was not on properly and proceeded to hit the turf. Only his pride was hurt. The next 40km was very pleasant. Great scenery and no major climbs. I was thinking "the girls are going to love this next year". We got some photos on the water and merrily chatted our way to the 61km mark when we came across the climbs. They were not super hard or super long but there were a few of them. We started to laugh when all we heard was "I think this is the last one!" 20km out from the finish line Lordy got another flat. Not his lucky day. He had talked earlier that very day that he hadn't had a flat for ages. Karma! Anyway, it gave Mary and Julie a chance to catch up and Tony and myself a chance to get a rest. We had been chasing Lordy most of the morning. Once we finished it was straight to the bar for 2 quick Stone and Woods before lunch - perfect way to end the ride. 

The point of the event is not to be the best or the fastest. It's an opportunity to show solidarity and support for fellow riders and to raise awareness and funds for a great cause. A day to appreciate how lucky we are to be able to do something we love whilst helping others. There are all types of participants from the committed riders to the weekend warriors. Some get dressed up and some ride uni cycles. You have all day to complete the event and they have rest stops with food, drink, music etc along the way. At the finish line there are vendors for food and gear, medics for blisters and massage tents etc. It is close to many restaurants and bars and the Brisbane river. My point, of course, is for you to mark it on your calendar and step up in some way next year. If you can't ride you could donate or have a function to raise some money. We all help in our own way. Happy riding!

Back away from “The Biggest Loser”

I am not a fan of reality TV, although I have been known to watch the music ones – The Voice and X-factor on occasion. The show I dislike the most however is The Biggest Loser. Seriously, who thinks this is a good show? I promise you the poor contestants really are getting a caning out there. Working out till they puke, or worse still arrest! They have doctors on hand all the time you know and I want to know how many sustain that level of training once the show is over. It worries me that the show gives everyone the idea that this is the best way to lose weight.

Weight loss is meant to be slow. You didn't gain a kilo or five a week. That kind of gain takes time and a lot of consumption. Most of the contestants could lose weight no matter what they do because they have such bad lifestyle habits that any kind of change in the right direction is going to take kilos off. Don't be fooled by what rates on TV. I also hate the way they reward contestants with unhealthy food. Aren't we suppose to be conditioning them to make healthier choices for long term success? Pretty boring show I guess if they only lose a kilo a month!

Training is not about how hard you worked but how effective it is. Yes you have to work hard but not like a ballistic mad man. Quality training will get better results and will certainly lead to a healthier outcome.

Forever Dare,

On Any Sunday

Its fairly clear that I like to be active. My days are filled with movement. I choose all kinds of ways to do this and not all of them are high intensity workouts and not all should be. I do my best to incorporate being active in my life without too much impact on the all the other stuff I have to accomplish in my day. I know I am fortunate to have made a career from this passion to move but nothing is perfect and I too have days when I just want to be on the lounge.

Here's the deal though, I can spend a day, whenever I like, on the lounge because I make sure that I am active most days of the week. This is the key. Be active all of the time so when you really want to, you can relax and enjoy a day off. When you are not active but know you should be, a day on the lounge can lead to feelings of guilt and failure. What you choose to do is not relevant but doing it regularly is! Mix it up to keep you motivated. It can be a gym workout, class, a park workout, a walk in the bush, a game of footy with some friends or a mad fun day at the mountain bike park (like I had today). Don't think of it as a chore, make it fun and enjoyable and if you make it social then you create a commitment to not let others down. Yep, dare I repeat it, it helps you “get up, dress up and show ”.

Rest days really are a valuable part of a balanced training program at any level, so make your days are active so that on any Sunday you can kick back and put your feet up.

Forever Dare,

Be your own best friend

Are you your own best friend? Do you like spending time with yourself? If the answer is no then I think you really have some work to do. 

What draws you to other people? The person standing with folded arms and a judgemental air about them or the person with open arms and a big welcoming smile on their face? The person talking about all the wrong in the world or the person talking about all the opportunities? Of course we prefer smiling faces and positive people. So why not work on those skills for yourself? Be that person. Be fun, open and downright hilarious, to you! Love the person you are and you will gather the same kind of people around you.

You have to stop the woe is me, Nancy-no-friends attitude and live a little. Make yourself laugh, do fun things so when you are in contact with other people the party has already started and they want to join in.

Forever Care my friends,

Believe it to have it!

“The more you see yourself as what you'd like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you'll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.” 

― Wayne W. Dyer

I regularly say to my clients — “Think thin. Act thin. Be thin”. I seriously believe this is true. If you see yourself thin and act like it then hooray it happens! People who see themselves as fat tend to give into cravings because they convince themselves that they are destine not ever to be thin. So they overeat and get exactly what they expect—no weight loss!

I’m not talking size 6. I mean a healthy weight for them. If your internal dialogue keeps telling you that “oh, I’m lazy or I’m useless, or I always eat sweets”. Again that’s what you will continue to do. Change the way you think = “I eat healthy, nutritious food, I am energetic, I choose healthy food most of the time,” and keep thinking this way until it is your truth. This takes practise and commitment but it works and it works in every aspect of your life.

Think it. Act it. Believe it. Have it!

Forever Dare,

Time Out

What is it about time passing by so quickly? Almost everyone agrees that the days, weeks, months and years are blurring past. The people at the retirement village who I exercise with say time is passing quickly and they don’t get out much! So what is happening to cause this phenomenon?

I think it is about scheduling—our diaries are full of things to do. This is very necessary for us to get things done and on time but we are constantly thinking of future events. We plan ahead because we have to and we fail to be in the space we currently occupy for any real length of time. We don’t see the beautiful days or the kids playing in the park. We accidentally ignore friends in the street because we are focused on what we have to do next. Our minds are cluttered with so much stuff we are not even registering anything significantly as we go through our days.

Lets try to slow down every now and then. Give our minds a break too. Just be! Don’t think! You know it is okay once in a while to do NOTHING. This is an art we have forgotten. We associate guilt with not being productive. A conscious decision to be silent is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact it has been shown to be very healthy to spend quiet time alone. I’m not suggesting you lay around the house all day. I mean quality time spent in a meditative form. I promise this is therapeutic. Have that figurative KitKat!

Forever Dare,

The Power of Thought

So last weekend I competed in the Blackmore’s half marathon and it was a lot of fun. I had a few clients on board for the adventure. Based on my training pace I was not expected to break any records. The day was perfect. I had family and friends out on the track and I felt really good. Race days are my favourite!

This was my first race in a long time without a running buddy. When I got about 4km into the run I was doing ok so I decided to chant 5.05 over and over in my head, thinking I would have a shot at that average. Ha Ha! No seriously that was my intention. I made sure I didn't look at my watch, I listened to no other runner chatting about times, pace, intervals etc. and when I passed a pace runner I was very careful not to look at the number on the flag. Over and over again I said in my head 5.05 – just that. I did think of a few friends I have struggling with health issues and I thought how lucky I was to be able to run regardless of how fast. Can you imagine how I felt when I crossed the finish line, stopped my watch and when I looked at my average it was 5.05 exactly!? I was blown away. I made sure I showed my friend Col because I thought no one would believe me unless someone else saw it. 

This is not the only time this has happened, but it doesn't work unless I really believe it's possible. Also it is not always exactly what I think – sometimes it's a few seconds out, ha ha. So I challenge you to give it a go!

Forever Dare,


To Catch a Magpie

Well they are back. How can such small black and white birds be so menacing. I have visions of catching one out on my bike one day as the rotten things swoop at me. Imagine my joy if I grabbed hold of it and tossed it to the road. Ha Ha, imagine watching that. I would be a youtube sensation. Seriously though for some people this is a real problem. Their fear is genuine and it effects their training. Much more thought has to be put into running routes and magpie areas averted. Lucky they are territorial which makes it a little easier. Some of them are so aggressive, so I get the fear part. I guess no one likes to be bombarded by a magpie or pecked anywhere by them.

The good news is “this too will pass”. My suggestion is to avoid where possible, stand your ground when necessary, travel in a pack as this seems to throw them off and train indoors if you can’t get past them. There are still no excuses!!!

Forever Dare,


Today I had an interesting discussion with a client. We talked about what she would do to improve her eating. She has tried most diets with limited success so is struggling with what to do next.

We thought about Light and Easy which she found convenient but expensive, we talked about Michelle Bridges which also worked for a while but I think for her it was too complicated and labour intensive with too many recipes to follow. I did go over the 5:2 but am concerned the restricted days may be too hard when she is finding it tough going already.  

So I suggested she go on the KISS diet — Keep It Simple Sweetie! I tried to think of something I could add onto the acronim to get her to give up smoking but no luck. It was her suggestion that we made it the KISSED diet — Keep It Simple Sweetie + Exercise Daily.  Of course I love that and I told her I was going to use it.

I just want to add that most diets work in the short term. But it is difficult to find something that works long term. Diets can be used to kick start your decision to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I love the KISSED concept. Just have fresh food and lots of green veggies, grill or bake your meat and avoid any unnecessary sugar.  Alcohol must be severely reduced or if you can cut out for a time all together.

So guys if you are serious about losing those extra kilos give me a KISS!

Forever Dare,

Paleo Diets

Who watched 60 minutes on Sunday? For those who missed it, it was a story on Mike Willesee following the Paleo Diet. I thought it was a really fair story. The biggest issue is that it’s very hard to tell exactly what made Mike feel better. Was it really because he was on the Paleo, or was it because he was eating so badly and doing so little before that it wouldn’t have mattered what he did? This is often the case for many fad diets. If someone is eating very badly any diet will show improvement. We have to break it down to the simple fact that the energy in food has to be less than energy expended. No foods are bad foods as long as they are eaten in moderation and with thought, not just shovelled into our mouths until we feel unwell.

The Paleo diet is very restrictive so I worry about how long you could maintain it. I still believe that if you think you can’t do any diet long term then you are setting yourself up for failure going on it. Different ways of eating work for different people. So you have to figure out what is the best way for you to eat to achieve long term success. Whatever version you use to get to your goal weight you must realise that you won’t be able to stray far from that if you want to maintain your result.

If you are serious you have to work out the rules to your diet game and set rules for it. For example, I don’t eat cheese but I will have chocolate on occasion. I don’t eat sweets but I love ice cream and I try to have a minimum of 4 alcohol free nights a week. When my clothes start to feel tight I reduce my caloric intake till they don’t feel tight. I do this all the time! That’s why when people say to me things like “its easy for you”, I think yep, real easy. I have my rules and stick to them 90% of the time, hence my weight doesn’t fluctuate very much no matter what I am doing.

I am here to help you set the rules of your game. Nothing makes me happier than helping people create healthy (realistic) lifestyles. Once you establish your rules, it’s full steam ahead!

Forever Dare,

Make it up

Fake it till you make it because you are what you believe you are. I mean that literally. I tell my clients to think, act and dress like a thin, healthy person. If you can’t see it or believe it then how will you ever achieve it?

When you master this it is never long before you don’t have to make it up because it’s true. You will be thin, healthy and strong and life will be so much easier. Stop all the negative dialogue with yourself. Stop thinking words like ‘can’t’ or saying out loud that you have a history of failure because if you are saying it out loud I’m confident you believe it is the only result you are capable of. Wrong!

It’s important to stop putting things off too. Waiting for that perfect time to start something, afford something, or know something is never going to arrive—they are just excuses to hide behind. Show up to bootcamp! Get to bed earlier! Enter that marathon! I did and now I have done seven and from my first to my fastest I took off 2 hours off my time.

Take that first step. The time is now.

Forever dare,

What Keeps Me Moving

I am often asked how I stay motivated, which has made me question how I do it too. Honestly, I think it just comes back to habit. I have been training for so long that it has become who I am—not just what I do—and lucky for me, it’s lifesaving!

My focus is on being ready, taking away any obstacle to my sessions. I get my gear ready the night before and make it easy to get to. You know, put your clothes in the warmest room in the house on those freezing mornings or under your bed covers.  

I announce my intentions out loud. By telling others I am entering a race or taking on a new challenge I feel obligated to make it happen because in my head I am letting others down as well as myself if I don’t follow through.

For each of my seasons I always type up the training schedule because I really believe that if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I also have my wonderful running group and my clients to keep me on the hop. So that’s it—habit, obligation and fun. That’s my answer!

Forever dare,

Happy Food

Come on my friends eating healthy is not rocket science! If you follow a few simple rules you will nail it every time, so here’s a few to get started.

1. Choose colours not boring whites

If your plate is colourful and textured you know you are on track. If it’s all white and smooth you could be in trouble. Make your plate bright and happy not bland and boring.

2. Remember: hard food = hard body

Buy the bulk of your groceries from the outside aisles of the supermarket. The closer you get to the centre, the more processed and packaged the food becomes. This means the less you know about what it is you are actually consuming.

3. Make it fun

Shop fresh and in season. Foods that are in season are better quality and less expensive.

4. Google is gold

Just google easy to prepare and cook meals for a healthy happy family.

5. Use the K.I.S.S. method

Keep it simple, seriously! Don’t overthink it or over worry. Eating should be enjoyable not stressful. If you educate yourself on what good, healthy food is you can make easy choices.

Forever dare,

The Beginning

Hello hello and here it goes, I am finally starting a health and fitness blog. I would love to take credit for this but I have to give it to Gabby. She has tutored me to this point and now it’s my job to keep the standard up.

Seems I have been having a few firsts lately. With Fitness Plus closing down, the move to 360 and the extra 3 minutes it now takes me to get to work, I have ticked a few boxes. I am so grateful that as my clients you have trusted my decision to go over to 360 and I am very excited about what that means for me as a trainer and you guys as my clients. So many new ways for us to have “fun” and continue our health and fitness journey together—can you imagine my delight when I was told I could use the stairs!

I feel a renewed sense of energy at 360 and I look forward to a long association with them. I have certainly felt welcome and I think that has been the same for you guys. My choice is to make this the best thing that could have happened to us—so giddy up!

Forever dare,