Brissie2bay 2017

This is a charity ride to raise funds for MS. You can ride 160km, 100km, 50km or 10km. A very well organised event that had around 5000 entrants and they raised $1000,000. One participant raised $37,000.


 For team MLPT this was our inaugural event and it went off without a hitch. OK we had a few dramas but we managed them. Firstly we were heading to the start line on our bikes at around 6.10am but only 100m in I realised I had not put my battery back on my bike, this means I had no gears!!! Lucky I realised and we had to wake poor Maddy to let us back into the apartment to retrieve it. Crisis averted! Next, on route to the start we were given the wrong directions and got a little off track but thankfully with the add of Google maps it was only a short period of time before we sorted it and made it, with time to spare to meet up with Tony, Julie and Mary our friends from the Gold Coast. The conditions were perfect for the 100km ride. At the 21km mark Tony commented on how many flats he had seen people fixing and within another 20m Lordy got a flat. Then he rushed to get back on the bike and didn't see the chain was not on properly and proceeded to hit the turf. Only his pride was hurt. The next 40km was very pleasant. Great scenery and no major climbs. I was thinking "the girls are going to love this next year". We got some photos on the water and merrily chatted our way to the 61km mark when we came across the climbs. They were not super hard or super long but there were a few of them. We started to laugh when all we heard was "I think this is the last one!" 20km out from the finish line Lordy got another flat. Not his lucky day. He had talked earlier that very day that he hadn't had a flat for ages. Karma! Anyway, it gave Mary and Julie a chance to catch up and Tony and myself a chance to get a rest. We had been chasing Lordy most of the morning. Once we finished it was straight to the bar for 2 quick Stone and Woods before lunch - perfect way to end the ride. 

The point of the event is not to be the best or the fastest. It's an opportunity to show solidarity and support for fellow riders and to raise awareness and funds for a great cause. A day to appreciate how lucky we are to be able to do something we love whilst helping others. There are all types of participants from the committed riders to the weekend warriors. Some get dressed up and some ride uni cycles. You have all day to complete the event and they have rest stops with food, drink, music etc along the way. At the finish line there are vendors for food and gear, medics for blisters and massage tents etc. It is close to many restaurants and bars and the Brisbane river. My point, of course, is for you to mark it on your calendar and step up in some way next year. If you can't ride you could donate or have a function to raise some money. We all help in our own way. Happy riding!