Back away from “The Biggest Loser”

I am not a fan of reality TV, although I have been known to watch the music ones – The Voice and X-factor on occasion. The show I dislike the most however is The Biggest Loser. Seriously, who thinks this is a good show? I promise you the poor contestants really are getting a caning out there. Working out till they puke, or worse still arrest! They have doctors on hand all the time you know and I want to know how many sustain that level of training once the show is over. It worries me that the show gives everyone the idea that this is the best way to lose weight.

Weight loss is meant to be slow. You didn't gain a kilo or five a week. That kind of gain takes time and a lot of consumption. Most of the contestants could lose weight no matter what they do because they have such bad lifestyle habits that any kind of change in the right direction is going to take kilos off. Don't be fooled by what rates on TV. I also hate the way they reward contestants with unhealthy food. Aren't we suppose to be conditioning them to make healthier choices for long term success? Pretty boring show I guess if they only lose a kilo a month!

Training is not about how hard you worked but how effective it is. Yes you have to work hard but not like a ballistic mad man. Quality training will get better results and will certainly lead to a healthier outcome.

Forever Dare,