On Any Sunday

Its fairly clear that I like to be active. My days are filled with movement. I choose all kinds of ways to do this and not all of them are high intensity workouts and not all should be. I do my best to incorporate being active in my life without too much impact on the all the other stuff I have to accomplish in my day. I know I am fortunate to have made a career from this passion to move but nothing is perfect and I too have days when I just want to be on the lounge.

Here's the deal though, I can spend a day, whenever I like, on the lounge because I make sure that I am active most days of the week. This is the key. Be active all of the time so when you really want to, you can relax and enjoy a day off. When you are not active but know you should be, a day on the lounge can lead to feelings of guilt and failure. What you choose to do is not relevant but doing it regularly is! Mix it up to keep you motivated. It can be a gym workout, class, a park workout, a walk in the bush, a game of footy with some friends or a mad fun day at the mountain bike park (like I had today). Don't think of it as a chore, make it fun and enjoyable and if you make it social then you create a commitment to not let others down. Yep, dare I repeat it, it helps you “get up, dress up and show ”.

Rest days really are a valuable part of a balanced training program at any level, so make your days are active so that on any Sunday you can kick back and put your feet up.

Forever Dare,