Be your own best friend

Are you your own best friend? Do you like spending time with yourself? If the answer is no then I think you really have some work to do. 

What draws you to other people? The person standing with folded arms and a judgemental air about them or the person with open arms and a big welcoming smile on their face? The person talking about all the wrong in the world or the person talking about all the opportunities? Of course we prefer smiling faces and positive people. So why not work on those skills for yourself? Be that person. Be fun, open and downright hilarious, to you! Love the person you are and you will gather the same kind of people around you.

You have to stop the woe is me, Nancy-no-friends attitude and live a little. Make yourself laugh, do fun things so when you are in contact with other people the party has already started and they want to join in.

Forever Care my friends,