Happy Food

Come on my friends eating healthy is not rocket science! If you follow a few simple rules you will nail it every time, so here’s a few to get started.

1. Choose colours not boring whites

If your plate is colourful and textured you know you are on track. If it’s all white and smooth you could be in trouble. Make your plate bright and happy not bland and boring.

2. Remember: hard food = hard body

Buy the bulk of your groceries from the outside aisles of the supermarket. The closer you get to the centre, the more processed and packaged the food becomes. This means the less you know about what it is you are actually consuming.

3. Make it fun

Shop fresh and in season. Foods that are in season are better quality and less expensive.

4. Google is gold

Just google easy to prepare and cook meals for a healthy happy family.

5. Use the K.I.S.S. method

Keep it simple, seriously! Don’t overthink it or over worry. Eating should be enjoyable not stressful. If you educate yourself on what good, healthy food is you can make easy choices.

Forever dare,