The Beginning

Hello hello and here it goes, I am finally starting a health and fitness blog. I would love to take credit for this but I have to give it to Gabby. She has tutored me to this point and now it’s my job to keep the standard up.

Seems I have been having a few firsts lately. With Fitness Plus closing down, the move to 360 and the extra 3 minutes it now takes me to get to work, I have ticked a few boxes. I am so grateful that as my clients you have trusted my decision to go over to 360 and I am very excited about what that means for me as a trainer and you guys as my clients. So many new ways for us to have “fun” and continue our health and fitness journey together—can you imagine my delight when I was told I could use the stairs!

I feel a renewed sense of energy at 360 and I look forward to a long association with them. I have certainly felt welcome and I think that has been the same for you guys. My choice is to make this the best thing that could have happened to us—so giddy up!

Forever dare,