Make it up

Fake it till you make it because you are what you believe you are. I mean that literally. I tell my clients to think, act and dress like a thin, healthy person. If you can’t see it or believe it then how will you ever achieve it?

When you master this it is never long before you don’t have to make it up because it’s true. You will be thin, healthy and strong and life will be so much easier. Stop all the negative dialogue with yourself. Stop thinking words like ‘can’t’ or saying out loud that you have a history of failure because if you are saying it out loud I’m confident you believe it is the only result you are capable of. Wrong!

It’s important to stop putting things off too. Waiting for that perfect time to start something, afford something, or know something is never going to arrive—they are just excuses to hide behind. Show up to bootcamp! Get to bed earlier! Enter that marathon! I did and now I have done seven and from my first to my fastest I took off 2 hours off my time.

Take that first step. The time is now.

Forever dare,