To Catch a Magpie

Well they are back. How can such small black and white birds be so menacing. I have visions of catching one out on my bike one day as the rotten things swoop at me. Imagine my joy if I grabbed hold of it and tossed it to the road. Ha Ha, imagine watching that. I would be a youtube sensation. Seriously though for some people this is a real problem. Their fear is genuine and it effects their training. Much more thought has to be put into running routes and magpie areas averted. Lucky they are territorial which makes it a little easier. Some of them are so aggressive, so I get the fear part. I guess no one likes to be bombarded by a magpie or pecked anywhere by them.

The good news is “this too will pass”. My suggestion is to avoid where possible, stand your ground when necessary, travel in a pack as this seems to throw them off and train indoors if you can’t get past them. There are still no excuses!!!

Forever Dare,