Today I had an interesting discussion with a client. We talked about what she would do to improve her eating. She has tried most diets with limited success so is struggling with what to do next.

We thought about Light and Easy which she found convenient but expensive, we talked about Michelle Bridges which also worked for a while but I think for her it was too complicated and labour intensive with too many recipes to follow. I did go over the 5:2 but am concerned the restricted days may be too hard when she is finding it tough going already.  

So I suggested she go on the KISS diet — Keep It Simple Sweetie! I tried to think of something I could add onto the acronim to get her to give up smoking but no luck. It was her suggestion that we made it the KISSED diet — Keep It Simple Sweetie + Exercise Daily.  Of course I love that and I told her I was going to use it.

I just want to add that most diets work in the short term. But it is difficult to find something that works long term. Diets can be used to kick start your decision to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I love the KISSED concept. Just have fresh food and lots of green veggies, grill or bake your meat and avoid any unnecessary sugar.  Alcohol must be severely reduced or if you can cut out for a time all together.

So guys if you are serious about losing those extra kilos give me a KISS!

Forever Dare,