Time Out

What is it about time passing by so quickly? Almost everyone agrees that the days, weeks, months and years are blurring past. The people at the retirement village who I exercise with say time is passing quickly and they don’t get out much! So what is happening to cause this phenomenon?

I think it is about scheduling—our diaries are full of things to do. This is very necessary for us to get things done and on time but we are constantly thinking of future events. We plan ahead because we have to and we fail to be in the space we currently occupy for any real length of time. We don’t see the beautiful days or the kids playing in the park. We accidentally ignore friends in the street because we are focused on what we have to do next. Our minds are cluttered with so much stuff we are not even registering anything significantly as we go through our days.

Lets try to slow down every now and then. Give our minds a break too. Just be! Don’t think! You know it is okay once in a while to do NOTHING. This is an art we have forgotten. We associate guilt with not being productive. A conscious decision to be silent is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact it has been shown to be very healthy to spend quiet time alone. I’m not suggesting you lay around the house all day. I mean quality time spent in a meditative form. I promise this is therapeutic. Have that figurative KitKat!

Forever Dare,